The International 6 - På Svenskmark?

Gah, i dont have the energy to both write in Swedish and English so i go english this time. 

Swedish broadcast during The International 6 is most probably not gonna happen from Seattle. 
Problem is both finanses and productionpart.

During Shanghai we did the amazing thing to crowdfund the whole event - sure this option is not really completely counted out yet, but there is alot of money needed. I believe we need to go with 4 people, to be honest thats still very few people to make a complete team out of, but i guess we could manage with 3 aswell. 

But hotels and travel is much more expensive to the US then it is to Shanghai. Especially hotels is a complete different story. And i need something decent, i cant make people work for free and not have a decent situation related to sleeping and eating.

That's also different now. Since Valve stil are inviting us, but not helping out with hotels and travels, we need to solve our food during the workdays aswell - which pretty much is impossible if we are not 4. But regarding this im not 100 percent sure if hat was the intent. Maybe they would extend the invite to the food aswell, im not sure.
Regardless we will need to fund about 100000 SEK which is much more then during the Shanghai travel (I made a person from outside make a budget on it) and thats without any money for renting equipment.

The other option would be to make a TI6 hub from Sweden, which wouldnt be bad i guess. I have asked valve to solve a cleanfeed we could use over the net, but i havent recieved any answer related to this yet.

I dont wanna put any pressure to Valve, they have been nice and helped us during Manila. The reason behind this blogpost is just to be transparent as i always promised to be. And i feel really bad not to be able to provide you real content from the biggest Dota2 competition in the Wortld. With so much Swedes participating aswell. 

My channel is actully bigger then it ever were, last broadcasting days during the qualifyers we had almost 5000 viewers, compared to the bigger streams thats nothing, compared to ourself its amazing.

So right now im still waiting for some answers, asking around with people who could be a part of a TI hub either home in Sweden or in Seattle. Nothing is settled yet, im also supposed to have vacation now. Ill get back with more information!