Thanks everyone!

This is kinda hard for me to tell you about. Re-entering the dotascene was really hard, and it took alot of energy from me. Evenso i kept working, and ive slowly reached back to my good shape. Alot of efford for nothing.

Sadly i have to announce that i will be stepping back yet again from DotA - seeing it as the only possibility due to some personal reasons. OK-Gaming will change a little bit, but you shouldnt give up on that team.

Synderen, as he has stated earlier will take his time off now, for about 3 months and focus on his studies, thats why i took the chance and stepped back at the same time as him. Synderen might come back, but then chances is he will focus on his shoutcastings, which he really loves. And i admire him for his work too. I'm really sorry for everyone rooting for me, but time beeing makes it impossible to do anything else then step out.

Team OK will after this most prolly become a german team, Fire will lead the team from today and he will do it good. He's leadershipskills are definently good enough, and with some help from his german friends (cant give you any names now) i even think the team could be stronger then it is right now.
Xoy, Smiske and Babyknight have taken this descision pretty hard and are still not sure what their intensions is to do. I wish them all luck in the future!

Hopefully this, my last blogentry wont be filled with flames but instead understanding.

Thank you everyone


Take pride in gaming!

Lets talk about our opinion about dota and why we are doing this.

I can see alot of people around stating dota is just a dumb computergame, something you wouldnt do when you grow older, yet they give this game hours and hours of efford everyday. For me that sounds really destructive.

Yeah, Dota is just a computergame. Like boule is just boule or collecting stamp is just stamps. But whatever hobby you choose to do, its still a hobby, and if you didnt know it i can tell you now, hobbys are very important.

Why do we undermine the fact that we really have something that we like to do. We enjoy it, it makes us emotional, perhaps it even makes us better at english and provides us with faster reactions. But it makes us happy. Thats the key.

As i got the question many times, "How can you play computergames when you are a parent" the answer is so simple. I didnt play computergames because i was waiting for my life to start meaning something. My life always ment something and the computergaming is a part of the life that i really enjoy. So when i got my wife and my kids and my house or whatever i still was the same person. I was still a person enjoying life and computergames.

You might not belive it, but my wife understands the gaming that im doing. We have discussions and schedule every game so that it works together with the rest of our dutys. I mostly play after the kids sleep, but also sometimes when they are away (mcitygames for example) It happens on occations as we have other couples over for dinner that i show them my mousesports t-shirt or sk s-shirt and tell them storys about how we played, or played on dreamhack. Im proud of my efford. I really think you guys should be that too.

The major reason to why gamers still are considered nerds is simply because they have no pride in what they do.
They undermine and shut down discussions about gaming when they talk to girls or parents. Seeing it as just something that you do cause you have nothing better in your life to do.
Take pride in it, and who knows maybe next time you get a girlfriend you dont have to stop playing. Because you told her from the beginning that evenso shes beautifiul and really nice, there is just something special about charging up a alchemiststun and getting firstblood. She'll understand, if she loves you!


A butterfly flaps its wings

Todays topic in my blog is something that i find very interesting about DotA. I dont know if you heard about the expression that a butterflys flaps it wings somewhere in the world could create a  storm somewhere else.
It could also be called the snowballeffect. What starts out as a minor, really tiny thing ends up with a lost game or a lost fight.

DotA is one of the games that really are effected by this theory. Thats also why there are so many factors that has to go right as you play a dotagame. One can easy in some games just look at a hero and say "this hero just farmed way to much, there is no way we can handle it" but they fail to se the reasons behind that heroes ability to farm. Which could be found really early in the games.

Lets take a situation where someone gets ganked. The scenario looks as following. In middle for sentinel there is a Medusa, shes level3 and she got 590 gold. A vengeful spirit from scourge side comes to gank, and the shadowfiend that plays for scourge gets the kill. After the kill vengeful gets a levelup which gives him level3 and as he roams to bottomlane he also helps his warlock kill necrolyte which is bottom, the necrolytes barely dies, but as warlock lands his last hit necrolyte dies near his own tower and warlock survives from the levelup he gets.

Lets look at what happens with the games heroes after this scenario:

Medusa cant buy her boots, she needs to get a tpscroll and tp middle. Shes really vunerable for ganks again.
Necrolyte can afford his boots, he farmed pretty fast early, but as warlock now is a complete level above him, when necrolytes gonna get a gank warlock already reached level six and can easy dodge that gank. And as vengeful spirit tps in to help him they even get a kill.
Vengeful can afford boots, shes level4 and she also buys wards for middlelane, which makes toplane sentinels attempt to gank middle a fail, simply since shadowfiend can see them coming.

Lets look at the scenario in a different angle. This time vengeful again comes middle, but she actually just fails to land the lasthit, Medusa takes a lifepot and buys boots on the chicken. Now shes level 5 and with boots she will have an easier time surviving middle.
Venge still makes a good gank bottomlane, but since she hasnt got level3 this time the necrolyte survives in the tower, the warlock that is 1 hit away from killing necrolyte goes a little bit to far into the tower, he survives but hes forced to step back. And as necrolyte takes his lifepot hes now full and taking advantage of the lane. Warlock used the heal on necrolyte, and with his treeeaters hes forced to step back for a little while.

Vengeful cant buy boots, since she doesnt have money for it. She decides to stay a little bit near warlock bottom, making them both level slower and as she can afford wards and boots its already too late. From toplane sven roamed on the none-warded area toplane and managed to kill the shadowfiend.

This is one example how 1 herokillattempt middle actually can manage to win more then only the lane its ganked. It might be really hard to see when a game is going, but these small things is what i belive is a key to winning games, ofcourse especially games that are very close.

Its really important for every team to find the situations where they can win alot of ground and use them, the thing is, ive made this misstake numerous of times too, you give all your efford, maybe you even mangage to keep one hero completely buttraped on the map, you manage to keep one area warded, you manage to beat down towers or take good 5x5 but in the end that didnt matter as much as dealing with other heroes or situations.

Alot of games can look onesided, but as time passes by the gameplan changes completely. Ive seen games where one team leads with 10-15 kills, just some hero or some area is till controlled by one of the teams. And then in some teamfight or situation in the game, as the winning team is about to finalize, a butterfly flaps it wings. And if this butterfly is the right one, the game might turn.

Its really interesting to find these small events in games, and discuss them. Sometimes it can be just one itemchoice changing a hole outcome of a game, a wardplacing, a kill, a place where you survive etc.
In every game there is major events that completely change the game, or completely decide it. But finding these small events that changes the game over time - thats really interesting. And i suggest you challenge yourself and perhaps your teammates to find these moments.