Open letter to Hubris`

Hi Hubris!

Im sorry you couldnt participate in the finals during dreamhack, it wouldve definently changed the games, probably not the outcome but it wouldve been completely different games. Who knows perhaps you wouldve been cheered for by mass viewers farming with a necrolyte in midlane, or something like that. Too bad you went home instead, since you coulve been there playing that final too. Im sorry.

It was a blast that we got to play versus you in the honcast tournament, (btw very nice organisation behind these sunday-events, i really enjoy them) and there was some feelings there from start. I remember when we beat you in a public game some days before, and before game ended you stated "i beat you in clanwar" and you were right, you did.

With that said, you could almost have prooved your point. You couldve been silent and enjoyed that victory that you got over us in that game. But you made one huge misstake. You allchatted. Thats already a misstake, but you said, "Fuck yeah, DH my ass". And not only did you proove to me, but to the complete community that you are a small person.  This i allready knew from meeting you at DH, i know people tend to get silent when they are near me IRL. But completely silent is only a few, your were one of them.

Anyways, now lets see what we accomplished so far with this "minor fight" and see who came out a winner and who came out a looser. And i would like to warn sensetive readers before reading any further, simply because this is when i take all the cocky/stubbornness and use it a little bit back.

Someone won a game and allchatted afterwards
Someone lost a pub (ROFL) and allchatted afterwards
Someone lost a honcast game (Aj!)
Someone is going to china (Sup?)