Who or what to be tributed next?

So, really. Thanks everyone for the feedback ive been getting on the songs for both Babyknight and Maelk.

Ive got a new instrument now and im considering who should be tributed next. What about you readers tell me what song - and perhaps a minor suggestion about the text (For example tell me how you would like the chorus to be sang) and when i got alot of suggestions ill perhaps choose one of your ideas.

If your idea is chosen i'll ofcourse shoutout to you in the song - so that will be the price for the winner of this "minicompetition" ;)
Remember that im not the best singer around - so dont choose too hard songs then there is no way i will manage to make it :)

To add your suggestion to the competition - please make a entry in this blog. Write down the name of the song, the suggestion for the chorus (if you have one) and whos supposed to be tributed.




It was a aprils fools

Anyone could understand that.

Just look at the facts

1. Synderen focusing on shoutcasting? Yeah sure, in another galaxy maybe.

2. Xoy Baby Smiske "unsure what they do if me and synderen left". Ye sure. They would be completely dead in the dotascene.

3. Fire leading the team? Dont get me started.

4. Im leaving competetive dota? I was never even competetive, how the heck can i then leave it?