Find ur own meta!

What is meta?

When we talk about Dota2 or actually other MOBA-genre games
aswell we end up talking about the "current meta"
Im trying to get a definition of this word, because in the end
i might think this is a very risky word to use.

I ask around among players and fans, and they all seem to agree that
meta is a way of describing the current game. Which general rules that applies.
How lanes are made perhaps, or what heroes are picked. THen someone says "You cant really play
Meepo, because its not really a good hero for this meta" and i get really frustrated.

Why is that?

Meta is really more of something like flavour of the month. But this coming from topteams. Let me try to explain.
If a team considered top-notch picks something new, or make something new strategywise, this effects the meta. Many people
have claimed that riki couldnt be played in this meta. Now Alliance picked it and i guess its "a nice hero for this meta"  now. Or a workable hero. Because what really this meta-thing does is make it harder for teams which arent really in the top to reach there.

If you think about it, meta means "playing kinda like the top-teams-plays" And many teams follow this meta. Not gonna call any out but some teams are just strictly following the 3-1-1 (or one in forest) and a special hero pool which is suited. The picks are fairly easy to guess, and there is a certain order. Ofcourse this will always be like this. But especially for teams which
arent top 10 the word meta is just a dangerous word. Because this stops teams from finding their own playstyle when it comes to moba-gaming.

There are heroes and strategies which has been tested out and teams have realised its just not working. But the number of heroes are few, and the strategies are also not many. For example one could claim that going as 5 from level1 is impossible. So we can call this outside the meta. But other from that almost any strategy or hero is viable in the current gameplay. Icefrog has made an amazing work with balance, and i would even say that 100% of the heroes are viable in the current state of the game.

"Yeah, but heroes like X really doesnt work in a tri-lane and they arent really good for soloing either"
Again. Who says tri-lanes is a must? Heck i even saw (The impossible) 2 melee-heroes with chen in the forest playing offensive lane versus a "meta-trilane" and winning like it was a pub. The team? Kaipi. The heroes? SB and DS.

"Okey sure, you can do two-lanes, but then the enemys will also remake their lanes and.."
Yeah. Your changing the meta. Your deciding the meta for your team.

"Well, sure. Still heroes like bristleback is just trash, you cant do much with him"
Have you tried combinging him with a Zeus? Or a omniknight? Not in a game? So how can you know its really not viable? You cant, you have to try it. And perhaps for your team this is much more viable then typical tri-lane strats.

This is also why alliance have won so many games. Definently why Kaipi is so strong. They just do what they want to do. Sure
when you look at the total hero pool these teams might not be changing up so much. But they have created their own meta.

You should do the same for your team.


About manners


I saw this clip. And this is by far completely unacceptable when it comes to gaming.
Sports, also e-sports needs some kind of nerve. It should be some hate-love between two teams. Someone saying "Hah, you dont stand a chance" is not a big deal. Thats acceptable. But this reaction coming from Fnatic is not.
These players uses words such as "Trash" "You suck" "Damn you suck" "Nice crying (whatever that means?)"

I dont have any insight in this game, and i understand that there is some history here. Im not stupid. But i still dont think this is professional behaviour. And i seriously think that this should be considered a really big deal. This cant be accepted in a gamingscene where people on the other side work their asses of to make it more serious.

Really sad to see.

Apples and oranges

(When i blog, i dont care for neither grammar or spelling. So it might be some errors in the text. The world will still live to see another day regardless.)
I saw the discussion started by NaNiwa. Its a blog that he wrote in Swedish, but my plan is to answer it in English. For everyone to understand.

NaNiwa pretty much sums up the MOBA-genre with saying its like lottery. The skillgap is supersmall, and compared to SC2 its really nothing skillwise.

This discussion has been going on for a long while, but
i thought at this time it shouldve been over. I guess not.
So im gonna help NaNiwa understand some things about Dota.
Hey, even LOL and HoN comes under this discussion.

When e-sports is compared to sports you always get to the part where people saying "heck, sitting at a computer should be a sport? thats dumb" an then these people watch curling and think that thats a fullblown sport. Because they dont sit at a computer. Anyone with any e-sport experience understand that the missunderstanding that e-sport is just "sitting at a computer" comes out of not having experience enough. We realise that the people judging e-sports as "sitting at a computer" just hasnt played, or had enough insights to e-sports.

Thats the problem with NaNiwa and the MOBA-genre. He doesnt have enough insight. He shares this missunderstanding with alot of "good" players aswell. So people might end up agreeing with him.

Because if you join a pubgame, playing for yourself and trying to win a game of Dota or LOL or even HoN you soon realise that this is a really simple game. And it is. Microwise if you compare Dota to Starcraft its gonna be dumb. In dota you might only have to control one hero, in Starcraft it tons of units. Here starcraft completely beats Dota when it comes to skill.

But when you play a highlevel teamgame of dota there is a complete different story. Imagine you want your Zealots to move left and then go in NaNiwa. Now you have to realise that this move is not made by you, its made by your teammate. You can just hope that it happens, and that your teammate understand that this attack should be made as you understand it.

There is micro in dota aswell, some heroes more microoriented then others. But mostly its the ability to get the fights to be balanced within the team. In Starcraft you make the right moves with ur units, all according to a plan and your tactics, the same moves are made in dota, just in a game like dota you have to be able to cooperate with your teammates to do it.

One could claim that the more advanced, or the more buttons you have to click, the more skill the game requires. Then i guess fotball would be one of the most easy sports in the world. And it probably is. Still even amazing players are not considered amazing if they are not able to cooperate with their team and play out their role completely. Wether its beeing the goalkeeper or defending, or scoring.

And ofcourse, if you join in on a game of fotboll with people who are bad, you are able to both attack and defend, both score and make sure the enemys doesnt score. But if your up against a team who plays decent, they will stop you. Regardless of your skill.

See, thats the difference between SC and MOBA. In SC you just have to be you. Cooperating with yourself is not so hard, you know one side of the brain wants to attack, and the other aswell, and then you bring your Zealots? in to the enemy base, and everything is fine. Your micro will be highly required, especially if your enemy has picked up the right units and has a big army. But if you picked the right strategy it might require less micro. Very simular to dota in that sense. But you go in and strike.
We on the other hand always have to care for the team, have to make sure we take the same decision as the team wants. In SC i think its the same. Sometimes you might have more then 1 way to deal with the enemy, but your army always makes the same decision. In dota, your team have to make this decision. You could claim that this is easy, or even just luckbased, but the only thing i hear when i read a comment like that NaNiwa is

"Ive never really played MOBA-games on a high level"

In the end of your text. Your saying SC2 is like wimbeldon, and Moba is like playing with a yoyo. And again, your making the same misstake as earlier NaNiwa. Talking about things
you have no clue about. I suggest you watch this clip. Tennis looks easy when you compare it.

When you click your units, when you make them walk in special patterns, and focusing out the right enemy units. Im impressed, because i can understand that you have a great deal of microskills. You truly have learned a above-human skill when it comes to controlling your units. I sometimes watch SC2, and im amazed.

Gamers definently should stick up for eachother, even eachothers games. Heck, i might think that SC2 in particular is very bad for peoples social lifes, since its (mostly) played by one. But instead i can focus on talking about the amazing micromanagementskills which is inside that game. Its all a matter of where you decide to put your focus.

But when you use a channel like your blog to, after one of the biggest competitions in dota2, when you use that channel to start trashtalking the moba-genre. Then i can only guess that the motive is that you feel envy. They already earned more then twice as you earned in your career. The Alliance players i mean. And i do belive you should be earning the same amount. Because i sincerely think you put down the same amount of time.

But comparing apples and oranges and start talking about low skillgap just makes you look dumb. Im sorry.