Women's day

Today its the international Women´s day so i thought it would be nice to bring up some really important women from the Dota2 scene.

I am making a list, but im not sure which one should go first or second. Just felt like naming some of the women that definently has made their impact. This is MY list. 

Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden 
Sheever have done it all. She casted for her own channel, struggled with getting gigs to do in english. She has
been onsite casting but also onsite host. Doing interviews and everything else that you can do in front of the camera i would guess during a Dota2 event. Shes really professional and she knows the game way better then most of the other hosts. She always makes her homework and i would rate her as one of the most important women in the scene right now.

Louise "Bummilummi" Wahlstrand
Louise has done really much for dota in Sweden. She has been a part of DraySWE casting, shes a really topnotch analysis and also brings alot of emotion into the chat and cast which is greatly appriciated. She also worked for TV6 doing analysis during Dreamleague, Her knowledge of the game is really helpful for a caster like me and i belive she made alot of people stay in my channel just by beeing herself. 

A part from that she has also worked with younger kids who went to dota2-camp and acted both as their rolemodel and teacher. 

Kelly Ong "Kellymilkies" Xiao Wei 
Kelly might have stepped down as manager for Alliance but shes still in the middle of everything.
She takes her rightful place and she doesnt take sh-t for anyone. Top of that she was the 
manager for a long time for one of the best teams in the world. Kelly is a really cool person and she
definently deserve to be mentioned as a really important female for the dota2 community.
Angelica Norgren
Angelica is a swedish radiopersonaly that works with gamingrelated content for the Swedish radio.
She created a podcast that was connected to Dota2. I belive alot of people listened to that pod and
i know for a fact alot of the people enjoyed it. Angelica managed without any real professional background
in the Dota2scene to make this pod really interesting for both the most experienced player and the newbie. 

 Bonnie De Elvira
A part from streaming Dota2 and beeing a really nice artist her last week is was made me decide to have
her on the list. So she comes to the Shanghai Major to translate for the Chinese/English producion and ends up beeing the director. I sincerely belive she did a great job with no preparation what so ever, while she still had to be the person translating things and explaining things. She really showed her competence in Shanghai and i would not be surprised if she is used in future productions either behind or in front of the camera. 
Other people that would probably deserve to be here too is DotaHaren who made her first appearance at a major, doing great casting and analysing for the Swedish team. Llamadownunder who are struggeling for her spot in the dota2 community, also a really competent person with a really interesting background. Actually most of the women who has to live with the sexism and the struggle of always beeing questioned just since they are women should be mentioned too.

I googled abit about the people above here, and most of the reddit/social media comments are good but its always an "actually" in the positive feedback.

She was actually good
Well, i really hope the next womens day we can have more women in the scene. There is alot of competens out there, and i hope people do find it and use it.
Thanks for today, and sorry if you felt forgotten!