Anti-Rus Strats

For the fucking win

These two games where really funny, And i guess the russians end up having to tell us about their drinkingbehaviour to explain these games. J/K :)

Anyways, Enjoy the replays. These are really good replays and i recommend both games. I played first and then i sat out the second.

Game 1; About the firstblood. Its allowed to have some luck too. And i couldnt decide if i really wanted to fall back since i had one more heal really soon and i was hoping the tower would get him. But with the miss. Yeah, you watch it!


This game was really hard for me in the beginning. I had problems getting any creeps middle, naix denying me and im not the best lasthitter around, and i always had to stay back beeing afraid of misses. When i got the firstblood that helped me alot, and my start was better. This clockwerk came a couple of times to mess me up tho, even if i think it was more frustrating knowing he was missing.

Shaker helped me abit, and i went top vs warlock. Him beeing just as hard for me, dropping golem on me and i almost died again. It was pretty nasty the first 15-20 minutes of that game for me, with me barely surviving and having to both go back and stay back alot. Overall our team did really fine at this time, and we were slowly getting the items which we needed to finalize our play. Taking down some towers and taking some fights automaticly gave me some extra money, and after we took down tower two on the right side we all had items enough to finish the game - and we did.
TC and Shaker combined in the teamfights delt so extremely much damage and with Me and witchdoctor both able to heal it seemed as we were unkillable - even if TR had some more farm on their heroes here.


First off we have to decide whos gonna sit out this game, i dont know whos turn it was but i decided to sit out. I felt very good about the first game, and i was in a good place of sitting out. So i did. We already before pickphase started decided to go for a even more pushingsetup, and we had some fun when we saw them banning batrider after game one - know we knew they were worried about our strategy.
The strat consisted of 4 heroes that can create/take over creeps/spawnlings and necrolyte again. We attempted to take roshan at level 1 which failed miserably with two of us dying.
Pushing tower down right away, giving some gold to the team. But still getting owned alot. I think the score was
0-7 before the matchsituation changed somewhat and we could start getting kills - not any towers tho.
Smiske playing an awsome Enigma this game, fixing kills and setting up good fights. Xoy never surrendering to farm up the necrolyte, Fire pressuring without any stop with Furion made the Sentinel team not really able to gather up and force fights. Which i think they wouldve won atleast early. When they did push fire managed to get down outter tower and later also backdoor those raxes, which now made one of our sides push all the time.
This with a combination of scourge heroes getting both necrobooks, levels and farm just made it impossible for sentinel to defend anymore. THe pushes were really hard with mass creeps and book, and smiske setting up some really awsome blackholes (or TR standing to much together - your way of seeing it??) leading more pushes to victory.
Beeing able to take roshan two or three times had alot of impact of the game too, and it was really amusing seeing babyknight playing wolf - which he did with an alternative itembuild and with a great result.
Synderens chen able to both meka and heal in teamfights giving the heroes alot of extra hp, and ofcourse the centaur and ursa stuns just making the teamfights a little bit easier.
Again a strategy with heals, and again a win for us!
Gonna be interesting too see who we are playing against in the finals.

Hope you like the games!!


Challenge to the DotA-Community

So i played a dp2-game meanwhile my kids were resting. We lost it, it was nothing special. But afterwards this guy comes to me in IRC and saying thanks for a nice game, and thanks that i didnt get so angry and frustrated.
And ive heard this before, never really considered what people are saying. But today as i was doing some stuff here at home i realised. Its really a rough and bad atmosphere everywhere in the game of dota.
The replaysection consists of 60% comments of what people did bad, and its ofcourse not mainly nice comments. Its comments intented to make people feel bad. Think about it. What other reason could it be to say "holy shit, that windrunner sucked"

And what is the reason for making a comment like that? Does it make the commentwriter feel better, or is it in the end a hope that this windrunner will practice more?

Same things about "pro" players playing inhouseleagues (dp1, dp2). Really harsch comments if people make misstakes, or if people fails. "Fucking noob" is nothing new, and for what reason? To make the "noob" play better? Definently not, its yet again only to harm, to be offensive towards others. No other reason is good enough.
The DotA Community consists of people hating eachother. Have you seen newswriters? They are the same, if they come from different communitys the comments about the news is how they are written, or something about the pictures in the news, just to strike the other person. To make him feel bad. To make yourself feel better.

Admins of different dotaleagues. Dp2, Dotapickup, whatever. They hate eachother or atleast really dont wanna co operate with eachother, again for no real reason.
I dont know if you remember my idea about playing -RD with special draftingrules. It was written on gosugamers, again alot of people completely freaked out. I got alot of comments saying "it would never work, it would never be balanced" - those comments i appriciated. But also alot of comments saying i was stupid if i really thought it would work - just offensive words. From alot of "pro" players also. These pro players right now playing the Gosugamers cup, where the exact mode as i suggested back then is played.

Various attempts have been made to help up the manners. Often its the banprocedure. Which consists of people getting banned a number of days for saying bad words, and it helps alittlebit. But it doesnt really get to the source. I really would like to know what part of us really thinks it makes sense to call people harsch words, or to act as if you are superiour towards eachother.

Look at Kuroky after the game vs us last f4f. The game where they played techies. They had all the chance in the world to just say that "we funpicked, got owned, who cares?". But Kuro quite fast went out saying that they tried to win that game. It shows great personality and manners. This is exactly what makes the scene more interesting.
Really good players, with really good attitude.

So, im challanging you all. Professional players, noobs, midskilled, HoN players, Feeders, Gangers, call yourself whatever you want to, but try to think just a short second before you writing things or before your saying things to other players. Whats my intension? Is my intension really to just behave bad? Do i wanna feel like im a better person by saying something not really nice? Do i wish that the reciever of my comment get offended?
If thats the case - i hope someone hugs you soon.
We spend alot of time in the game - we spend alot of time together. Lets make it a time of not just fun game, but also nice attitudes and good spirit. There are alot of interesting personalitys out there too, i know because i met alot of them!
Sure its JUST the internet. But on internet we JUST have the words, so choose them wisely!

(My english is not perfect, far from, i wish i was better at it. But i know you all will understand my point)

TeG game Gosucup

I dont think there is much to say about this game. We completely failed in picks, leaving away possible 3-4 cw heroes to the enemy team and ending up with at most one for our own.
Lanes horrible.
Even if we did try i think most of us gave up just when the lanephase started. Were still not completely stable in CM, even if we are decent. CD we have no idea i guess. Everyone thinking, and just combined we got nothing.
I wanna every win every game, but hounestly it didnt feel superimportant mostly because of the mode.
Now refocus for the Mcity game farm4fame. Played tomorrow around lunch/afternoon. I wont be playing that game since my daughter has her birthdayparty. She turns 1 already today!
Gz for her!