Information about China

Still hard to find any information regarding china. We would like to know details regarding date and such, but its still in the process. Luckily i didnt take my vacation yet, at the job, so i still got days to go. But overrall information is the same, we are going to go there for 9 days in the end of august. There is no actual competition there, just show and practice games. Pretty neat!

What about the new patch. Did you try it? Its nothing major. I think Gladiator is a horrible port, i mean the hero is cool with all hes skills etc, but the gfx is really booring. Still good that hes coming, i really miss some heroes. I realised that when i was watching ESWC this weekend, Wheres drow yo?? Sniper?? So many heroes that would make the game better, im really missing them out. Even if the strategies are widening im unsure if its enough, more heroes please S2.

The chronos remakes that keep coming, i think that hero is impossible to balance nothing else. Its a melee agility. If hes too weak hes just going in and dying and if hes to strong hes just going in killing everyone. For my sake its ok to just take away that hero np :D

Anyways tired after a long day in the sun with bathing and kids running allover the place. Looking forward to the night, if the sun actually sets there around midnight im gonna enjoy the breeze for some seconds. So damn hot today.