Rough times!

Getting owned. Thats basicly whats going on for us right now, and the fanboys comments are right above us.
Everyone expecting us to fail smiling. Everyone who thinks its unfair that we have a highrated team when they want their team to be highrated smiling too.
And man the guys that dislikes me, or feel that im taking to much place in the community they are completely overhappy. Im glad that someone enjoys the situation that is right now.
We have alot to work on, there is no work needed individually, basicly with that im saying that were decent enough to win alot of the games that we do play, however we seem to fail miserably as a teamefford. This is something that should happen.
Your familiar with the steps of a group-building?
Well the honeymoon is over and we have to find our roles, its gonna be interesting yet really fucking tiredsome. Hopefully its over soon.
Anyways, refocus and keep playing. Its hard enough to loose the games, then on top of that having all these comments about your ingameplay. Im not used to it, so im figuring it out. However, i'll stay competetive from here, ive decided to do so and i'll fit in, just give it some time!

Theshit > AEON.ru


We pretty much had 5 official matches as it is right now. Winning DTS in F4F, loosing Tribal.INT in both F4F and EDC and winning AEON + DMZ in EDC.

The fanboydiscussion is rough, especially on me. No Drayich = Autowin. We'll see how long time it takes for some of the fans to change their mind. Hopefully its the once who think im the weakest link, or even so weak that we loose games.
However this is nothing new, its been like that since forever. When winning its easier, when loosing its complete stomp.

Its abit like Loda said over in china tbh, when winning he had thousands of people saying hes brilliant, then when the loosing starts, or some games are lost. Then the same people who loved him before could say hes bad. This is how it always have been.
However you cant dig your own grave over what fans say. Then you couldnt be playing this game at all.

AEON came out strong in the first game. I dont remember the score, but the drop from 13abyknight was in our favour. It always sucks with drops, it really does. But i guess saving more often then every 3 minutes or so would kill the game even more. So after the drop we changed the gameplay. Played better. With AEON having Enigma as one of their heroes we started to set up teamfights to make them draw or as even as possible. Then we had that long time during Enigmas cooldown on bh to setup fights that we could win. Playing like that, using the ward more from pugna setting up a game that we actually won in the end.

Second game was really nice. Here we have some keyplayers to salute. Babyknight making AEONs attempt for firstblood look kinda funny. He managed to get exp from one of the heroes dying when they dived him, and also even if he was firstblood the other hero died aswell. Good start. Fire and him swapping lanes and the treant is so hard to kill.
Was downhill from there for the AEON team, Treant farming really good. Xoy making awsome jumps with the furion, dominating every gank from level3 until game was over. Fire pretty much had hood radience in 22-25mins on treant, and as we all know this hero isnt the easiest to kill. Meanwhile POTM having items too. And in the end synderen managed to finish up hes battlefury. The farm on admiral wasnt important anymore even when the game was won.
I expected us to have a fair chance beating AEON but this game was actually better then "beating" it was 1 step more.

There are more games from us until sunday.
We play XX5, time pending.
We play MYM, time pending.
We play SGC Sunday 20.00.

Tribute song for Babyknight!

Ive made a tributesong for babyknight. Check it out!


Hundred creeps have made you stronger
but its so long since we saw your pretty face
Teamfight after teamfight you been farming
said your tp was cd
Since level1 weve been separate
We need your help now, cuz soon it is too late

We go top without you baby
but this time you said "i got bots"
you tp in when were dead
the damage you deal is simply just to much
they try to fight our baby
but after golem they're to low
and fanboys writes in forums, damn this baby put up a show

After finishing buriza
he goes for MKB to get that ministun

And all our team goes bottom, exept
for baby killin maiden just for fun

Where here without you baby
but he rebuys and tps in
he deals alot of damage
were closing in upon an easy win
we go to roshan maybe
i get the hounor to carry his null
you took both cheese and aegis
and now your inventory is so full
we here without you baby
but now you backdoored their rax
where not angry with you
you carried us to win a game atlast

were here without you baby
and you are so professional
what could we do without you
i love to stay and carry your null