To international newswriters!


English is not the biggest language when it comes to Dota2 commentating. Thats Chinese and Russian, But English is without a doubt equaly important. Alot of the news and mediarelated things are written in English, and even for us Swedes we have to accept that thats how its gonna be. Atleast for a while more.

But something that English writers forgets when they present talent for bigger tornament is the Swedish talent. Maybe also the russian and Chinese. This is really a big deal for alot of us - and even if i dont need it i believe its fair towards my workbuddies to atleast ask you guys to do it. List the people that comes from Sweden too. It might not interest everyone, but its a way of showing that we also are doing something and that we also are important.

We are mostly not looking to steal your viewers anyway. Our channel is much smaller, and not few of our viewers are just plain new, i mean they didnt come from other productions but started watching via us. So its a win for the community aswell.

Anyway, if you are interested here is our talentlist

Kim DraySWE Larsson - maincaster
Joel "Fnasigt" Cedersjö, Analysis 
Annika "DotaHaren" Aldergarmann, Analysis