Valentine's Day!

My better half

Let me tell you about the reason that i can do what i do, and the reason why i feel happy when i go to bed at night.  Marit, my wife and best friend in the whole world.

I got impressed by Marit from the beginning because of her looks, i admit it. I met her at Komvux, adult education 11 years ago. She had a green shirt and long hair at that time. Tons of freckles, and she was late to class which made it easier to not miss her. I thought she seemed like trouble tho, so i did'nt really care to much for her. I mean i did, but i tried to not. And we became friends. I made her food the very first day we met. Its important to make a good impression i guess. Which she did with me.

When Marit met my mum for the first time my mum told me that she was to fancy for me. And that was my feeling to in the beginning. Beeing to fancy might sound like a good thing, but where i come from that pretty much means you are to uptight and selfcentered. However my mums and Marits love grew for eachother over time, and in the end my mum said she felt good leaving her son to such a good woman. 

Thats a big deal.

I think whenever Marit made her first meatloaf to me was the first time i really fell for her. I mean she was all that and still a farmersdaughter in some way. She hunts moose. She can stand on her knees and clean the floor, but she can still dress up for a party looking absolutely stunning. Way out of my league. That kind of dynamic is hard to find anyway. 

Alot of people have asked me how we can manage to solve our lifes around gaming as we do, and i have to admit its still hard to believe, sometimes i work to much .There is no doubt. Im about to become better. But Marit is without any doubt the glue that keeps this family together. Her love, and her planning, her way. 

She teaches our kids everything regarding nature from hunting, skiing, snowboarding, berrypicking, anything. She gives them and me a big important perspective of life - the wildlife. And shes just the most handsome person there is. She never backs down if she thinks shes right, she wont let anyone walk over her. 
Hey, she pretty much is best at everything where there is no computer near. Because shes not a gamer at all. Shes awful at gaming. She always calls for me if the internet is down or if she cant manage to startup netflix on the TV. But thats a good thing. Thats nothing compared to when she gave birth 8th januari and then the 20th of februari she took wood and the kid in a sled behind her going skiing in the mountains. Why i didnt take the sled? Because i would fall and it would be much to big of a risk. :-)


So todays blogpost is, as you might have already realised, dedicated to my wife. My best friend in the whole world. My valentine.