Hating women on stream

I'm member of alot of groups on facebook, like twitchgroups you could say. The idea is that you can share your stream there and get more viewers, just that. People have their own ideas of how to get viewers. Some record a short clip, some have a fun picture and so on.
But atleast once a week there is someone who claims that person x needs to be removed from this group, and the shitstorm starts. The reason? Well the girl that sits playing is not covering herself up. 
I really dont get it. We are not sitting in a church, we are not living in 1950. Its 2016 and people are so damn angry because someone shows skin. "Anyone not just focusing on the game should be banned" someone claims. And then adds that "His humor" gave him a number of followers the other day - how humor is a part of the game i really dont know.
It's clear that at times i get viewers because of my beard - some of them stay forever and some of them leave the moment they see something else which is'nt good in the stream. Should i cover up my beard then? I mean its really not a part of the game - its just a part of me .But not everyone has one? Noone ever told me to cover up my beard.
"Well showing boobs are like selling sex" is the other claim. The thing is, boobs real job is to give food to kids. Thats the only job and the only normal connection that boobs has to anything else then just beeing boobs, if you find them sexy, or beards sexy, i really cant controll it. But your idea of what is sexy or not cant really be the reason for why a girl should cover up. Or hey, maybe she even wants to show more cleavage then you think is legit - i dont fucking care. Streamingservices are a modern thing - the fact that people should be able to dress in whatever fashion they prefer is, atleast for me, completely obvious.

Streaming is only a part game - if you dont understand that then we need to make that clear first. Streaming is about entertaining people. You can do that by beeing funny, good looking, good at the game, really bad at the game, having fun things around. It doesnt really matter as long as you feel good about yourself you can do anything. Undress and take a bath in the snow can be an extremely good way of getting viewers. Its really up to you. And as a viewer if you dont find a stream good enough, you just click urself out of there. It's easy.

If you also feel like other streams takes your viewers or better streamers viewers i can assure you. It's because you are bad at entertaining. And it really does NOT give you the right to call out people hoes or bitches, you are talking about another human beeing. And i sincerely hope that people talking like that get banned in twitch-chats, in socialmedia and not get their shitty attitudes shared. Girls rocks. Show your rack, dont show your rack, i really dont care. But keep on rocking girl. This is as much your world as anyone elses.