Swedish? OMG thats embarassing!


After first of all alot of positive responses about the TV6play broadcast i hear people saying things about the casting and commenting in the swedish language. And i truly understand the first reaction. It might sound a little bit wierd to start with, because we are all used to english casting.

Now let me make you think a little bit about that. As a Swede, do you watch soccer with English commentary? Ofcourse you dont, the standard is watching it with swedish commentary if its availbile. Simply since its your own language, and since you probably get much better insight on the Swedish players when someone is an expert from Sweden. But the reason soccer doesnt "sound funny" when commentated in Swedish is simply because the sport is so big, so we take it for granted that ofcourse every language should cover it.

Now this is starting to happen with Dota2. A truly amazing thing is happening. A TVchannel want to broadcast DOTA2. The game we play, the game we love, the game we waited for 10 years to grow to this limit. Its just amazing, no other word is suitable. But that also means that YOU, the fans, the gamelovers, have to be ready for developement. The scene grows, but are you ready to grow with it?

The second reason is that Swedish is a very small language, we are used to English in movies, games, music, whatever. Nothing wrong with that. But then when things also is availble in Swedish, it takes a little while to adopt. Definently.
This monday, when the broadcast start i will also sometimes feel wierd or funny when talking about dota2 in Swedish. I mostly did it in English too. I played in Englishspeaking teams. I wrote in English. I chatted in English, well everything pretty much was in english. But i will not feel ashamed. Because i will remind myself, and you should too, that the game finally has grew beyond English. Beyond cheep streams in 240p. Beyond having unserious sponsorships and pricemoney which isnt payed out. Its finally reached the goal and even beyond that. Dota2 is availbile in Swedish television. Sure its the playchannel, but the finals will even be broadcasted on "real" TV. Thats truly amazing. We reached a point where the game itself is expanding so fast, that some of us fans might even think its going to fast. But its not.

So without juding the language, without getting stuck on that simple matter i think you should tune in TV6PLAY on Monday, and celebrate this truly amazing moment with us. When DOTA, the game i played for almost 9 years, the game i sometimes felt ashamed of playing. Now is broadcasted, in a Swedish TV-channel, in Swedish.

And when the cast is made in Swedish. When the Studio is made in Swedish. Many other countries will look at us amazed. I guess even some people might find it unfair, because we all want this game to be as big as possible. To be socialy accepted. To be something that people understand is a big deal to be good at.
To be a word worthy of the Swedish language, and not just some gamingterm which people dont understand

That's happening RIGHT NOW. So i am abit sad when you say you dont want to be a part of it, but then again. I really have met so much aged people, so much negative people. People telling me there is no future in gaming. People who were wrong. When i went to China. When i cashed in money at Dreamhack. When i laughed my ass of in Singapore with great people and great games.  When i get to WORK with Dota. Ofcourse they were wrong, and i can happily say that they are wrong again.

Dota will sound funny in Swedish, the first 2-3 casts. Then it will slowly be what its supposed to be. A serious game, broadcasted in OUR OWN LANGUAGE. And that ladys and gentlemen, is fucking awesome!

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gött! dota2 är officiellt fett

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Fet tumme upp! GL HF Drayich! =)
Hoppas man kommer kunna se det härifrån i Kina. ^_^

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Jag tycker att de gjorde ett grymt bra jobb!

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Bästa svenska e-sportsändningen jag sett. Tycker du och Waga är ett riktigt gött kommentatorpar.