DotA vs HoN

I think it was close to one year since i wrote here last time. Im gonna get myself together and see if i can do some posts over time, starting today.

I'm gonna start with saying my english is far from superiour, especially when i write. However im not interested in solving it, its still good enough in my opinion. Just bare with me.

The Discussion DotA vs HoN

Let me remind you. DotA1 players about the time when DotA started to be competetive. Do you remember how we struggeled versus the WC3 players or BW players who constantly told us that this game was horrible, and that we had no skill when we played it?

Let me remind you HoN players that HoN is made out of DotA. If there was no DotA it probably wouldnt be any HoN.

This is the biggest chance ever found in time for the MOBA players, viewers, and fans. Finally we have made this scene big enough to really become competetive, to become proffesional and to become real. We have not only DOTA to thank for this. Probably this wouldnt really have happened unless HON was there.

Im not gonna compare the games more then that, when it comes down to what we have today im greatful for both of the games. And i would appriciate if you didnt make it a competition between the games. I mean some fun comments about a typical "Honteam" beating a typical "DotAteam" is always fun, but let it be there.

Most DotA players do remember how hard it was to even get the DotA started somewhat professional, atleast in Europe. We fought hard battles. HoN also fought hard battles in this matter. And now, i guess 4-5 years later we are finally approaching what we all have been looking for.

REAL PROFESSIONAL HON and DOTA1-2 TEAMS - and tons of them.

Lets hope the scenes will get united.
Lets hope we get hundreds of topteams in both scenes.

These things is what should motivate us to hold together as one big scene.

Since people have asked im reposting my youtubevideos here. Enjoy!

First off. The tribute to Maelk!

Second off, the tribute to Babyknight

And the TsoG tribute movie/song last but not least.


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