Concede or not concede?

thats the question...

o i've decided to give you my thoughts about the concede vote in DotA2.

We can start out with history, realising that DotA1 didnt have the option to concede. But when i think about the inhouses played, or actually i should say the inhouses i played, because i didnt play all of them. Most of them had
something they called a FF function. You went out to IRC and you submited the results eventhough the game wasnt really completely over.

When it comes to HoN as i've been playing the last year there is a concede function, so i pretty much know whats good and whats not good with it.

I can see a game where concedevote is not an option, IF we can controll all the people going AFK and all the people actually just leaving the game. I guess leaving the game wont be possible. But going afk, or simply just not care for the game since you dont belive in it is there. And i've tried to moderate these things outta leagueperspective, and i gotta say its really hard. But it could work.

Questions is tho, does it matter? If a player, or 2-3 players have given up the game, do they still have anything to do in the game? Some people tend to give up early, they change their mind as the gameprocess changes, however some people never change their mind. They decide that the game is over and their play will follow.

Maelk mean that you learn more from these rough games and i completely agree. There are 10-20% games that you will miss because you didnt try it all the way - however i belive you will miss these games also without the concede function. Simply because your teammates doesnt try enough so you wont really get the feeling for the game anyway - hence no practice.

If a concedefunction were to be implented it would be necessary to make this function extremely hard to abuse. For example it cant be used until a special time has passed, it cant be used more then a certain number of times per team or per person, it should also perhaps be enough with a certain number of votes. or that everyone agree.

I did play HoN the last year, and i know that my word might be HoNinated because of that. But when i sat here thinking about it what really drove me over to the concedefunction is the inhouseleagues who created "fake-ff-buttons" instead. Where you were allowed to write FF for example to end a game earlier. Also stupid rules came up in e.g. #dotainvite and #dotapickup where "prolonging" games where bannable offense. Meaning you had to finish the game fast if you were winning so the enemys didnt have to wait so long for next game. These are rule made up because the lack of an ingamefunction.

As it is now, in the tornaments, people tend to say GG before the throne has fallen too. And i belive even the blogmakers teams does this at occation. And thats also a valid argument for why the concedebutton should be there, simply since you can make the game record stats eventhough you wanna leave the game and go next.

Especially in public games where there are leavers. I mean, you can punish leavers. But someone leaving one game is hard to punish. If that happens to you, and the game already look kinda bad. A concedefunction would say tons of time (as if time was important) and also make you able to go next game faster.

So, in the end im gonna say "Dont concede before its over, but please let it be possible to concede when it is"

Thanks for your time //Drayich


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