TsoG vs PYRO

OK Im gonna settle this once and for all. For you who are curious, for you who hate and for you who love.

Situation: Gosugamers comes out with a gamingschedule for the weekend. I look at it and i figure out that i need a sitter for two times, one at saturday evening and one at sunday morning.
My wife beeing outta town makes me vunerable for this, but i solve it.
Before any game TsoG always plays a warmup game, this is something we really need to make it work as a team. So i as the captain has decided that this must always happen. So i figure, the first game starts 1900, ill get the sitter for 1730, then i can play the game and put the kids to sleep after aswell.

Around lunch saturday i overhear that PYRO wanna change the time of the match, i get a phonecall from Away. Im telling him its impossible due to my situation and we hang up. I get back to the computer and i have friendrequests on skype and people trying to reach me via the game and stuff. Im telling PYRO that we are unable to play earlier then 1900 and that we cannot play earlier then 22.00 either. The reason is stated above, between 1900 and 2200 i need to play 1 game, then wash and get my kids to sleep, then get back to be ready to play again at 22.00.
Putting the kids to sleep can take 5 minutes, it can also take 65minutes, depending on what kinda day it is.

So i tell PYRO its not workable, we dont wanna reschedual and we cannot reschedual. We are also unable to play the game sunday morning since i got the sitter for that time too already solved, and sunday evening we got the game versus druidz and we need to get that to work.

So what were the solutions?

- Screw the warmupgame, play versus PYRO here instead.
- Screw the kids nighttime, just hope they fall asleep without me beeing there.
- Go up 7 in the morning on sunday and play the game versus PYRO, hoping my kids sleeps before the
nanny picks them up at 9. (They woke up 08.00!)
- Refuse the reschedual

, i took the conclution that there is no way we can play this game another time, and that PYRO needs to get their team together. Regardless of the reasons behind 1 person having an emergency. Anyways, it comes down to that PYRO doesnt even have 4 players, they have 3. And this beeing a saturday night i understand people have other things to do - hell we do too. But i said no, and we played versus PYRO and won.

This is the reason that they didnt get to change the date.
Now, thats only one of the reasons. The biggest reason that we shouldnt let people just mess around with the schedual is cause its so not professional. I really hope tornaments like gosugamers, esl, whatever, just make sure to force more times. Its hard to schedual something that will work out for 10 people, especially if these 10 people all have a say.  Heck just force tornaments, decide the dates earlier and then you can sign up if your able to play, and if your not you shouldnt sign up basicly.

Is this only about us as players? No its not, Its also about casters, its about people who are without even having a payment waiting around to cast games, people that are interested in teh result sitting and waiting. FANS, the people that are waiting to see their favourite team play, i mean, its not just about me and my kids when rescheduling games. And im serious. Someone said it would be more professional to screw the warmupgame and play versus PYRO instead.

You really think that the more organisated team outta 2 should be the one that has to make changes to make it work? I really dont. We need that game to be competetive, thats why we have it there. We dont have it there to just mess up, or to i dont know what reasons you think.

Simply. I had completely full "moral" reasons to not reschedual the game. And even without those reasons i dont think PYRO deservs to get the game rescedual afterall. Im not gonna point fingers on anyone in that team, but i can just tel you that the level of language and flame that i recieved for saying no to the reschedual was horrible.
That aside, why on earth should we change our night just because the other teams are bad att organisating their team? Seriously, why should i even be questioned for not wanting to play the game at another time then we decided?
Why should i not be allowed to make my dinner at 1600 as i promised my kids, then eat it slowly and then show up for the warmupgame?

Why shouldnt i be allowed to use my ability to organisate and have time for both my reallife AND my gaminglife?
Why shouldnt i just be allowed to say no to a reschedual without even having a valid argument for it.
There are no reasons. And i truly hope that tornaments and leagueadmins reads this and force people to get their shit together or get out. Unless you want this to just be a kids playground.
Playgrounds are fun, dont get me wrong but.
Lets keep it competive too.
1 ScoutkniveZ:

I agree with you fully on this. Someone needs to make a stand, an example needs to be made. Or hell, not one, but plenty.

If a team is organized, conpetitive and serious they will be prepared. They will be prepared to if one, or maybe two of their players suddenly can't play. And if they ain't, they should be.

2 Natial:

You said it man!

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