This blogpost is not ment to be offensive, read this with open mind, and dont get stuck on my language. I've lately got some things to me, some things that im completely sure that ruins the competetive part of this game. So this blogpost is only directed to the "competetive scene" and noone else. I think this is important.

said it before. We need to step up in order to make the game more serious, its not about taking away the joy, its just about making the game look more organisated. In that way we create organisations interests in taking part, its half the thing. You think sponsors only are interested in results? Then your wrong, sponsors wanna be seen in positive ways, where their names are connected to things that are making them look good. Not the opposite. One part of that is teams with high manners, leaders with peopleskills, teams accepting interviews, teams helping out casters, newswriters etc. But the other part is the organisation of teams, where alot of teams still fails.

If you think you are a competetive team, then for example having your teammates phonenumber shouldnt be something new. Hell, whatif you need to tell your teammates something and your net is down. Its not a big deal either, make sure that you have everyones phonenumber and ability to reach them even outside the computer.

You should be able to create a schedual for your upcoming games, either with calling your teammates, or with your teammates telling you what days they are playable. In that way the problems with rescheduling should be lowered, still in honcast league, esl league, alot of leagues im recieving messages about "We cant play, our last player hasnt been online all day"
I mean are you serious? Im not saying the teams names, cause its not interesting. Almost every team works like this.

If you go back to the argument, "hey chill its just a game" then your not a part of the competetive scene, and you dont deserve to have a sponsorship nor a highclassy team. This is also a part of beeing competetive. A part of growing up.

Rescheduling games can happen, problems can occur, but this should be really seldome. Perhaps once every second month something comes up that makes you unable to compete in that very game. You should have the relationship needed with your family/friends that they understand that some time every week you are busy playing your game. - And as i said before, you should be proud of it.

When it comes to organisations, again its not about someone special, its about everyone. Its definently time to step up when it comes to acceptance towards teams that are failing in their organisation. Some teams motivates their ability to be organisated with simply wanting to be so. Other teams need rulemotivation. So stop allowing reschedule. Forcing dates is not a bad idea, you can setup before even starting the tournament what days that you have to play, and what times. If you cant compete then your out. Otherwise you can set up a timeframe with a defaultdate. If teams agree they can play this games in the next 7 days. If they cannot agree the game should be played THIS DAY AT THIS TIME. The team that doesnt show up? Its their problem, so they recieve a defaultloss. If they keep doing this? Kick them out, they are not a competetive team. They are prolly good, but if they are unable to participate they have no place in that league. Have other - less competetive teams perhaps - standby. Give them a chance. Why shouldnt they get the chance? They are ready to play. The "Better" team isnt.

Also, get people into the tournament and leagues, people that know what they are doing. People that arent afraid of taking decisions or commiting to something for a while. The tournament itself can NEVER BE THE PROBLEM. It has be solved in that way. If you made a tournament where teams falls out, then already before the teams do fall out make sure to have a standin-team-list. This list should consist teams that are able to setup their team and play on a short notice - again a way of helping wellorganisated teams out.

So why dont we just let this be, have fun, its a game for crying out .. Because first off the way the organisations around Heroes Of Newerth games works now it doesnt motivate people to get their organisation together. Thats a problem, because this leads in the longrun to not enough competetive teams. Most of the teams that have these problems ends up splitting up or failing in some way, noone takes it serious enough.

Sponsors, again sponsors. Every team out their lacking sponsors should really want this to happen, also the teams that already have sponsors. Sponsors wants their name to shine in serious ways. You really think its serious when someone 1 hour before a match states that they cant play? Its a joke. I wouldnt wanna sponsor anything that has that level. And as we see, the sponsors are still fairly outta this game.

The third part is simply to let the serious teams into the scene. Skill and teamplay and high teamspirit should help you out winning games. It should be the biggest part of beeing a competive team, but one of the factors should also be the ability to organisate and to compete in a mature way and level. Perhaps their are some teams that are just slightly worse then any of the topteams. They dont get a chance while the topteams act stupid, sells the game out as something unserious, and this halftopteam struggles. Give them a chance. And kick the unserious topteam out of the league that they are failing to participate in. Simple as that.

And the final reason is to make this game seen more serious out there. Its really frustrating participating in a gamingcommunity that flames, that votes concede the moment someone gets firstblooded, that calls out that someone is a "fucking goatdick" because they forgot to buy wards, its one thing. But when the topteams, the frontside of this game, when they are acting asif organisating isnt important. Then its almost as bad. If not worse.

1 Athildur:

Wow, epic post Drayich. You've just voiced something I've been thinking about for a long time. Props to you for bringing it out, man.

2 Silver:

Keep it up. Agree with everything you say!

3 bobo:

u suck

4 kustodian:

Nicely written article. I agree with everything you said. We even highlighted the article over at GR:


5 Mike:

Nice read, agree with it all, good job!

Just want to point out that ;

your = possession (your house)

you're = you are (you're feeding)

there = place/location (over there)

they're = they are (they're coming to gank)

their = possession (their house)

Not a flame at all, just the non-english friends I have appreciate it when you correct their grammar etc.

6 Letmetellu:

I know why it is like this. Mostly of the players who plays in the "competive" hon scene are not use to playing at a professional level. This game was a esport game from day 1, and not a game where people played for fun, and after the "playing for fun" went into a esport game. That's why I think players accting like they do, most of the players didn't fight hard to become the best ones.. sry for bad english

7 ScoutkniveZ:

Lot's of respect to your Drayich! One thing that stood out for me was that teams need to become more competitive etc. I'll take this into consideration and ask everyone of my team mates for their phone number :)

It's awesome for games like HoN to have people like you that puts down time and effort to make this a better place for all of us.

Keep doing what you do!

8 Drayich:

Mike: I actually know that, but i write like i speak, so i dont take it so much into consideration. Im gonna give more effort, i promise! ;-)

9 Oneah:

I have to disagree when it comes to having fun... I think the ultimate goal of the game is to always be fun, and if competative play ruins that i dont think its a good thing then.. We should learn to combine both aspects of the game. I know it reality it never works like this because for example football.. its suppose to be fun and a show for people but many games are just playing in a way where the ultimate goal is just to purely win in any matter and making games really boring sometimes.. (exemp: italian cup)

10 Spinkser:

I just read through the text and i was astonished. Because I just recently focused on competetive Hon I was not aware of this problem. But if its true what you are writing it's really poor. We did all these things for even less pice money.(I played alot of competitive Guild Wars which had not the biggest community)Overall I aggre with all your poitns and think they should be taken for granted. I don't know if it's the right way to force the people to do something maybe as last possibility.

I think competetive play is always fun aslong as the communication works. In my opinion the most important factor to combine these two things. If you talk about anything and if you can spent time together (besides Hon)like playing a round monopoly over the internet, for example, you will grow together to a real team, maybe to something like a family and something like a rescedule caused by a alck of communictaion will not happen. I guess that you can find the problem there.Due to the fact that Hon was a competetive Game since beginning and is very similar to Dota you'll have most of the time not the process of growing with the game and other people.

Just my 2 cents

Greets Spinkser

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