Honcast ranking!

They definently said it right. The current ranking stated we are still top10, appriciated from the community. However they stated that we are still not consistant in our play. We win some but then again we loose some too.
This is completely true. We still fighting really hard (not internally, just as a team) to find our best movement and teamplay.

An easy way of doing this would take a decision to play a different style of HoN, but i still wanna keep our gamestyle and hopefully we are released from this, and can relax in our way of playing.

There is a few things that always happens in a team, and you cannot do anything about it but hope its working out in the end.

- Players not able to play during periods of their time. Reallife also has its part, this has happened some of the games.

- Players skills not peaking for matches. Skills changes all teh time, and if your skill isnt at topnotch for some games, that can effect.

- Teams selfesteem. Are you more afraid of loosing then you want to win?

Right now im not worried, but we might loose some more games, or we WILL loose some more games, thats part of getting better. However we should loose less games in the way we did versus DM. Thats just a game that really shows how offguard we can get still, not superb ;(

1 ScoutkniveZ:

You bring up some valid points about what always happens in a team. Though it is very hard to determine when you need to do something about it.

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