Thanks everyone!

This is kinda hard for me to tell you about. Re-entering the dotascene was really hard, and it took alot of energy from me. Evenso i kept working, and ive slowly reached back to my good shape. Alot of efford for nothing.

Sadly i have to announce that i will be stepping back yet again from DotA - seeing it as the only possibility due to some personal reasons. OK-Gaming will change a little bit, but you shouldnt give up on that team.

Synderen, as he has stated earlier will take his time off now, for about 3 months and focus on his studies, thats why i took the chance and stepped back at the same time as him. Synderen might come back, but then chances is he will focus on his shoutcastings, which he really loves. And i admire him for his work too. I'm really sorry for everyone rooting for me, but time beeing makes it impossible to do anything else then step out.

Team OK will after this most prolly become a german team, Fire will lead the team from today and he will do it good. He's leadershipskills are definently good enough, and with some help from his german friends (cant give you any names now) i even think the team could be stronger then it is right now.
Xoy, Smiske and Babyknight have taken this descision pretty hard and are still not sure what their intensions is to do. I wish them all luck in the future!

Hopefully this, my last blogentry wont be filled with flames but instead understanding.

Thank you everyone

1 SeduZ:

nej vad tråkigt, favoritlaget borta. Men det kan inte vara för evigt! lycka till och tack för alla fantastiska replays du och ditt lag givit oss!//BIG FAN!!



3 Phoenix:

I'll advertise this one too! (You almost got me there for once! I was like "What the Hell? He was speaking shit about pride in gaming yesterday" :D)

4 QQ:

Is this really true? And if so, is there a possibility that you will play again?

5 Sav:

April fools?.... plz?....

6 richie:

sad to heard that drayich.. but if u are really leaving the dota scene.. please continue posting video to youtube :)

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