Team spirit is'nt constant

I've said it before and i say it again. Its easy to keep a good teamspirit meanwhile your winning. Perhaps you'll struggle sometimes in between when there are even games, but aslong as your winning the ventrilo-atmosphere is enjoyable and lovely.
The problems accures when your loosing. In our team this doesnt mean that we are extremely unmannered or that people behaves bad, just the overall spirit is worse then other times. We had a rough few games now after hazard, even if we won lately weve been struggeling. And im happy that we did struggle both before and now, since in the end that grows the spirit stronger.
I think its like when you are in love. Meanwhile love shines and you just have butterflies its so simple. But when the bills are about to be payed and the paycheck is to weak that very month. then love is tested. and tested love will prevail as stronger love.
we still the same six as started. and we have both failed miserably and made extremely impressive games.
i love that.
tonight its IGG. A team which is loved by the community, heck even i love them. theyve impressed alot, winning tornaments and played stable. didnt really play against any big big team, but they are now top 16 in prodota.
some think we go for an easy win, some think we go for a really hard game, some even think igg will go for an easy win. so its a bo3 tongight, will definently be exiting. and the team is finnish too. its like in hockey, i hate when its sweden finland, but now i guess its more danish people. and my guess its not gonna be like hockey.
more like football:)

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gör slut på finnjävlarna :D

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