Take pride in gaming!

Lets talk about our opinion about dota and why we are doing this.

I can see alot of people around stating dota is just a dumb computergame, something you wouldnt do when you grow older, yet they give this game hours and hours of efford everyday. For me that sounds really destructive.

Yeah, Dota is just a computergame. Like boule is just boule or collecting stamp is just stamps. But whatever hobby you choose to do, its still a hobby, and if you didnt know it i can tell you now, hobbys are very important.

Why do we undermine the fact that we really have something that we like to do. We enjoy it, it makes us emotional, perhaps it even makes us better at english and provides us with faster reactions. But it makes us happy. Thats the key.

As i got the question many times, "How can you play computergames when you are a parent" the answer is so simple. I didnt play computergames because i was waiting for my life to start meaning something. My life always ment something and the computergaming is a part of the life that i really enjoy. So when i got my wife and my kids and my house or whatever i still was the same person. I was still a person enjoying life and computergames.

You might not belive it, but my wife understands the gaming that im doing. We have discussions and schedule every game so that it works together with the rest of our dutys. I mostly play after the kids sleep, but also sometimes when they are away (mcitygames for example) It happens on occations as we have other couples over for dinner that i show them my mousesports t-shirt or sk s-shirt and tell them storys about how we played, or played on dreamhack. Im proud of my efford. I really think you guys should be that too.

The major reason to why gamers still are considered nerds is simply because they have no pride in what they do.
They undermine and shut down discussions about gaming when they talk to girls or parents. Seeing it as just something that you do cause you have nothing better in your life to do.
Take pride in it, and who knows maybe next time you get a girlfriend you dont have to stop playing. Because you told her from the beginning that evenso shes beautifiul and really nice, there is just something special about charging up a alchemiststun and getting firstblood. She'll understand, if she loves you!

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bra skrivet! håller fullständigt med dig

2 Pandamann:

:,) beautiful read

3 Phoenix:

One of the most beautiful posts ever! I didn't like your previous post on team spirit coz it had some flaws I wouldn't share in public but this one really is a motivating piece. Will advertise this! :D

4 Phoenix:

Though I would like to differ on the sharing this with parents stuff. We can CHOOSE our girl friends but we can't choose parents. So it is really difficult for a player to share his feelings or feel proud gaming if his/her parents refuse to accept the fact that their child is a gamer!

5 Phoenix:

Sorry for spamming comments dray but my views changed quite a lot with time. Please read my views on my blog so I don't have to spam again if they again change ever!


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Dray, you're a fucking genius :D

drayich, let them know =)

8 Tryxtira:

Så jäkla bra skrivet. Jag håller med dig till 99%! Jag tror nämligen att samhället fortfarande är ganska negativt inställt till dataspel. En stereotypisk dataspelare är en finnig, tjock, 15åring som inte gör något annat. Precis som en ballettdansör är gay. Det kommer att ändras men ett tag till får vi dras med det!

9 Dpao13:

Nice man. So much pride for us. I was thinking of writing something about gamer and y they should socially accepted. Show some respect to the gamer this is our life. xD