Some comments from the mountains

I am currently away but since i surfed in on my cell i'll make some short comments to keep the debate alive. Magicstick is not a imba item, i dont think i said that either. I just find the usage of it defensive and negative for the game. Its a item that can be compared to boots right now. You have to get one more or less. I havent read the other blogs yet, but im glad the discussion is running. About ducky's comments about taking pills and my teams inability to farm id like to ask him to keep the debate on a more intelligent level, i dont make suggestions or comments about the current game for my own winning, i make them to create interesting discussions and perhaps making the game a little more entertaining. Other then that id like to thank everyone reading, and especially them who use the stick to towerdive :) sorry for the quality on this respons. Drayich
1 asdf:

np i towerdive with blink viper. no stick required

2 Anonym:

should reply to ducky. "why so serious?"

3 Dynasty:

Personaly i think that magic stick is good for the moments when the game gets very fast paced.

For instance, the magic stick is like a car break system against push oriented picks.

If you get,in theory, a sick pushing lane like enigma and venomancer and they go for the wards and minions aproach, having a magic stick slows them down a lot in my oppinion.