Semifinal group G, prodota.ru

synderen was not playing this game, i was actually pink making the drafts (even if we make em together)
simply just took the best draft we could get and won the game.

we played on edcl-bot which normally have been fine, but starting out the game was laggy (as also stated from eyes in the chat)
i missed 1 arrow bottom simply cause of lags, and 1 cuz i failed. rest of the game went ok, eventho i spend all weekend with my old "Fat Controllers" friends playing HoN
the game delay solved and it was a fairly easy game, nothing special, they called ff after ~ 35minutes.
i dont recommend the replay; but here it is

the grid for the tornament is found here :

we are playing group G and we are now in the group G final versus team Techies. I dont know anything about this team yet, gonna see if there is any replays availible from them.

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