Home again!

Hey all!
Home again after a wounderful weekend up in the mountains here. We had perfect weather and snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing was combined with some powerful mountain-pancakes up on the top of that.
Eventhough i was up there i couldnt help myself using my cell in the evenings checking some results from hazard and even blogging a little bit.
About hazard, i havent seen the replays from any of the games. Im not gonna analyze them either, atleast not publicly and since we were using a standin. But the only thing i could think about afterwards was Forget getting a win in a bigger tornament - they have put down alot of efford for the community lately and i'd call this their reward.

I wouldve wished to be on hazard btw, but due to the short notice i couldnt reschedual my mountaintrip and i didnt wanna miss it. Great familytime!
Skiing for the first time in ages!! Was okey, i went on armpower over
technique and i could dominate my wife eventhough she was powerful!
Just check that view, not a tree nearby. (Probably not a place for Fire)
but still amazing. Thin air. And snowmobiles ofcourse, which i grew up
Speedrecord (ofcourse) When we took the ski lift up the other kids
almost fell due to our extreme weight. But that weight payed off
once we were getting some speed. Really funny!
And my wounderful, just as wounderful up their. She was really good
at snowboarding, impressed me!
My sons first time snowboard. Owning hard!!
To get back to the game, and discussions around the item magicstick:
I want you guys to understand that i dont dislike magicstick, i dont find it imbalanced either.
I just really dislike that too much items ends up beeing "OFCOURSE" items. If you have shaker, the OFCOURSE ITEM are dagger. But other from that i enjoy someone doing double-null, perhaps bottle, someone getting treads, someone getting this and that.
These days a magicstick is given. Because in a possible fight between two heroes the one with the magic stick has ALOT more to give then the other.
48b everyone had daggers. If you had a hero that coulnt use dagger it was heroes who had builtinblinks. The reason dagger was nerfed wasnt cause it was imbalanced, i mean everyone (exept venge and pudge) can get dagger. It was just a item that some heroes had more problems farming, and therefor these heroes wasnt choosen.
The counterargument about stick is the same - that this item can everyone get. And some heroes really benefits from it. I agree. I also think this item made some heroes more pickable just because how it work.
What happens if the item is reworked so these heroes keep getting it - while other heroes might go another way.
Soon we back to 2-3 items that every hero HAS TO GET. And that makes the game a little less entertainning, atleast for me, and i think the way stick is used today, the way we use this item, is in a defensive negative way for the game.
About farming/ganking/supporting. I dont think farming should give less chance of winning a game, its brilliant that players that are good farmers can win games, and it creates really interesting scenarios inside the game. I just think that ganking should be given MORE space. Not taking away the farmingrole at all - its a brilliant role for the game!
I do belive this is the best version of dota so far, i really do. I just think one step ahead, and atleast for me i still hope that the game will be a little bit more oriented in ganking, just because its so damn funny to watch.
And direct answer to Ducky about using that game versus us as an example. The game where i was juggernaut.
We shouldnt win that game even in my "perfect world". Trying way to much and not getting enough from the ganks that we did - so dont worry. I really dont use that game as an example. Just to make it clear!

Hope you guys enjoy my nice mountainpictures, and hope you guys keep supporting us since we became OK-Gaming this weekend too!

1 Frost:

Looks like you had a lovely trip :)

Now about the magic stick/wand. I really love the item, since its useful on any hero i don't really think this item needs to be changed. Yes it's imbalanced compared to many other items, but since it's so cheap anyone can get it I don't think it matters much.

Yes tank-carries love this item to absorb spells, but gankers love it just as much since a few charges might get you just enough mana for that extra stun etc. So IMO no reason to change this item.

2 Phoenix:

Just writing this comment to show that I support you.