Time to get some games going!

For all of you enjoying my Pridestats i can tell you i got 3 wins more now! GZ etc! I still hate pubgames.
Anyways we got a couple of upcoming games here in the new year. Dates not set yet afaik.

We got versus Tribal gaming and also one versus DMZ.

Gonna be interesting games for us, even if we scrimmed alot we have only played 1 official game yet. Will the nerves be strong enough? I think we play solid lately, the problem is the difference between 64 and 65 for me atleast.
The pickingsequence looks fairly different in these two versions, and on the other hand you wanna play the old version to keep yourself up2date and play solid old version, but then again the new version seems really stable and will prolly be the real official version, so it sucks. We scrimmed most in the new version tho!

Newyears was a nice party for me, brought my two girls and went to some friends eating dinner. Coudlnt stay up so long tho since wife working today, so no drinking and i think we were home even before the new year.
For you THESHIT fans out there keep your eyes open for the upcoming games and remember to cheer for us!

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