Rough times!

Getting owned. Thats basicly whats going on for us right now, and the fanboys comments are right above us.
Everyone expecting us to fail smiling. Everyone who thinks its unfair that we have a highrated team when they want their team to be highrated smiling too.
And man the guys that dislikes me, or feel that im taking to much place in the community they are completely overhappy. Im glad that someone enjoys the situation that is right now.
We have alot to work on, there is no work needed individually, basicly with that im saying that were decent enough to win alot of the games that we do play, however we seem to fail miserably as a teamefford. This is something that should happen.
Your familiar with the steps of a group-building?
Well the honeymoon is over and we have to find our roles, its gonna be interesting yet really fucking tiredsome. Hopefully its over soon.
Anyways, refocus and keep playing. Its hard enough to loose the games, then on top of that having all these comments about your ingameplay. Im not used to it, so im figuring it out. However, i'll stay competetive from here, ive decided to do so and i'll fit in, just give it some time!
1 guest:

keep on playing! ignore those tards.

2 SicknessInc:

Chill Paps ;)

take your Time. I cheer for you anyway no matter win/lost.

you are my favourite Team and stil i like you personal for your nice behave as Capt in Mouz.

gl fpr upcoming Games!

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