Playing DMZ (1-1)

Basicly the game started out with DMZ firstblooding us. Getting another kill. Then Fire disconnected from host, was a streamerproblem, when the streamer dropped he pulled fire with him, and DMZ were forced to remake. Was TT.

In the remake we play much better, getting a score of 2-0. In one gank bottom we counter and the result of that fight makes us up by 5kills. Just before we got the save done kebab left. Stating it was a disconnected, and since we had no save we remade the game. However Kebab did intensionally quit, and later DMZ apologiced for that behaviour.

I think they had hard picks in game 1, however the 5-0 lead would have done alot different too. Anyways, we claimed a defaultwin for that rulebreak, cant accept that kinda "ragequits" in serious competetive gaming.

Game 2 we went for a more .64 setup. We played mostly 65 and i think 65 is much more fun. We had me as razor top, a fiend middle and a slithereen in a third lane. Pretty much just fed all earlygame, later we had both Venge and Lion moving around making it possible to farm abit for us they ganked me alot, but when the vanguard and hood was done they couldnt do anything more. Game over after 30mins or so.

This was in EDC league, enjoy the replays at gosugamers.net!

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