TeG game Gosucup

I dont think there is much to say about this game. We completely failed in picks, leaving away possible 3-4 cw heroes to the enemy team and ending up with at most one for our own.
Lanes horrible.
Even if we did try i think most of us gave up just when the lanephase started. Were still not completely stable in CM, even if we are decent. CD we have no idea i guess. Everyone thinking, and just combined we got nothing.
I wanna every win every game, but hounestly it didnt feel superimportant mostly because of the mode.
Now refocus for the Mcity game farm4fame. Played tomorrow around lunch/afternoon. I wont be playing that game since my daughter has her birthdayparty. She turns 1 already today!
Gz for her!
1 Phoenix:

Doesn't matter losing a game. You people play well and thats all we want :) Your game against Unique in GosuCup is one of my favourite. :D

Give your daughter one more toffee from your dota fans. Belated Happy Birthday. :)