About manners!

We have been over this before, maybe not here, but there is always a discussion about "DotAscene-Manners" and how your supposed to behave versus eachother.
- How do you use your language? Writing GG as the winning team first, or saying fuck off etc.
- When do you show up for a game? You decided to play versus the enemy team 20.00 and your team shows up too late?
These are two things that really set the tone about the games, and we really should be careful with these two things as 'professional' players, but also for ANY players.
But there is one thing more that ive been thinking about, and thats especially for the professional scene.
- You always make room and wait for the streamer of a game.

I saw MYM / MLine yesterday and they didnt let the streamer back into the game, Thats hilarious. There are people watching, people interested in the games. I could live yet another day to not see that game, but it doesnt matter. You always make room and wait for the streamer. This is the only reason a game becomes "professional" - it has viewers.

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