Its so damn warm here. I swear to god. I think its like 42degrees or something and we are really struggeling right now. But its lovely.

The amount of gaming was much less then we expected. We basicly just had a lunch at the swedish expo where we played 1 game versus the singapor team and 1 game versus the chinese team. It was just fun games, but we lost both of them. We played with devouer and with Flint Eastwood. So we just had some fun.

Weve done the karaoke one night, holy crap i never expected myself to be in China doing karaoke ever, its like a dream come true. Really fun. Weve seen so much things and enjoyed so much wierd food. The other night we had porkfoot, which basicly was even tasty.

Since the low amount of blogging on this trip, im gonna write a story about it all once i get home. Its impossible to get anything proper outta my boiling brains now anyway.

But i can tell you one thing. Im so fucking happy that i let these nirdguys convince me into going to dreamhack this summer. So fucking happy.


1 Bats:

*Flin Beastwood

2 henka:

3 henka:

*Flint Beastwood

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