Who or what to be tributed next?

So, really. Thanks everyone for the feedback ive been getting on the songs for both Babyknight and Maelk.

Ive got a new instrument now and im considering who should be tributed next. What about you readers tell me what song - and perhaps a minor suggestion about the text (For example tell me how you would like the chorus to be sang) and when i got alot of suggestions ill perhaps choose one of your ideas.

If your idea is chosen i'll ofcourse shoutout to you in the song - so that will be the price for the winner of this "minicompetition" ;)
Remember that im not the best singer around - so dont choose too hard songs then there is no way i will manage to make it :)

To add your suggestion to the competition - please make a entry in this blog. Write down the name of the song, the suggestion for the chorus (if you have one) and whos supposed to be tributed.


1 Rebate:

How about this:

Song name: Bright light of heaven

Tributed to: LightOfHeaven

Same backround music as Led Zeppelin had to one of his hits : Stairway to Heaven :D


Song Title: We're OK

Tribute to Online-Kingdom (your team)

Lyrical content

About the trials and obstacles OK encountered and how they got through it to become one of the stronger, and well-mannered teams in dota history! Also would be nice to see some insight into each of the members feelings and thoughts on the game and the community respectively. Song style can be accoustic and slow, with Papa Dray's own style (:

3 syndereN:

Song name: s-God

About: syndereN

'cus I'm me, and you're gammal.

4 GanjaMAN:

Thumbs up for "We're OK"

As for song you could go with "David Bowie - Space Oddity" acoustic. And like tell the hard times at the first verse and than how it gets better :D

5 hjort:

Melody: dunno what it is in swdish or english, but in norway it is "De tre bukkene bruse"

Write a tribute to three of the strongest teams.

OK, Nirvana, DDT, MYM (your choice) =)

One of them is smallest, medium and huge.

6 Rinse:

There's this song called "Lotus" performed by R.E.M, it's quite the style of the other 2 songs you made (not too heavy etc.), and should be doable to find lyrics on that song. :D

As for the tribute, I think with this song, it'd be perfect for Black-_-Lotus, my friend and teammate. I think he's someone we all know, so don't think I have to suggest any of the lyrics, there should be enough inspiration in all of our minds already.

Just see if you can use it or not, if not, no problem.

Good luck with your next song and I'll be waiting, the previous 2 rocked! :D

7 Rinse:

Oh, since I can't edit my previous post.. Here's a link to a youtube video where the song has been covered on an accoustic guitar, maybe it can help or whatever :D


Sorry for doublepost :$

8 Me_Me:

Write a songtext about Black^ the text should be the following : Black^ u went solo mid to carry ur team , but u failed lalalala chorus: Blackdragon553 what shall we do without u ?? etc.

9 AcrosSs:

title: Im OK (so its a song about u =)

music from david guetta memories

refrain is easy: IM OK duu duu duu duu duuu duuu

and than lets hear something about the papa xD

10 AcrosSs:

or second idea: same title-> Im OK

but music si from "maria mena - whats another day"

text should be like:

"Im OK no more The Shit!

i have choosen to be on a killingspree

Thats okay, i dont care about lasthits

in the middle we push to feel free"

or something like this, should be a bit more about ur personality.

hope to see ur next tribute soon

greets from germany :D

11 Grillmeister:

Go make a tribute to icefrog, he deserves some love :)

12 Phoenix:

Tribute to Icefrog. Any song.

13 Zieth:

yeah icefrog!

14 appleses:

topic: general playstyle.

song: charles sheffield's "it's your voodoo working"

available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peMip9C8KSc

it should be easy to tribute multiple players with emotion-related names - misery, mania, fear..

15 Random guy:

Song: Britney Spear's Cinderella

Tribute: Synderella >DD

16 Served:

You should make a tribute to Loda, and the glory days when you guys were in SK.

You and Loda are both swedes, irl friends, he went to your wedding, it would be a cute song and nice tribute :D

17 Gc.Preacher:

Loda indeed. Anything from Johnny Cash would be a good choice of song. "Hurt", especially.

18 Misiak:

Hi Papa-D..

am not really great at making lyrics like u do..but i kinda feel its funny when i hear Shaggy's Song, Mr. Bombastic, and change the chours to:

Mr. Loda Loda...Mr. Loda Loda..farm..Mr. Loda Loda...

i'll post sth later when i hv another idea..

19 Anonym:

go for: britney spears

crit me BABY, one more time !!!

20 freddie:

Bogdans Sand King deserves some shoutouts?


21 Aiwe:

IceFrog. No doubt about it.

22 freddie:

Just thinking of Kung av Sand med Gyllene Tider, no imagination.

23 Mews:

Tribute to Markdraw and syndereN

Something from Johnny cash would be epic


hi papa

tribute MiSeRy!

25 DemoniC:

Hey PapaDray, nice idea about letting the community suggest something to you :)

I would love, if you made a tribute to either Miracle, or PlaymatE(I hope you guessed I took 2 of your old teammates from Mouz.DotA ~~) Or Kog, because you took mouz from him :D (j/k i know he left cuz he didn't like the teamspirit)

I suck at music, I am (in danish: tonedøv) thinking it's tone deaf in english, I hope you understand it :P so I'll leave finding a song up to you. Like ma crazy ideas?:D

26 Dennis Bergkamp:

Tribute to Kuroky, song: Ali in the Jungle by The Hours

27 kotte:

Dray since you have some opnions on how to change the game a little bit I think you should go for the beyonce song "If I were a boy" but replace it with "if I were IceFrog"

In the lyrics you describe how you would change dota

An example of how to open the song would be like this

If I were IceFrog

Even just for a day

I'd remove the magical stick

And throw in something more reward-ing

Clean up the playstyle

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WkXPPLiZOY (Link to the song)

// kotte

28 Kudy:

Tribute to Loda and this song :D


29 Player 13:

^ kotte's suggestion was awesome.

I even gave up on mine.

Two thumbs up for his suggestion!

30 GoldoPesao:

Song: Wonderboy - Tenacious D

Tributed: Someone who you consider as a wonder player :D! it may be to KuroKy or MiSeRy-

31 ZleepwalkerP4F:

Song: Tribute - Tenacious D

Tributed: this is a very nice song, you should listen to... there are some parts when it say This is the greates song in the world... you can change it and say (Tributed) Is the greates and best player in the world... :D!

32 Estraz:

Guns n Roses - Live and let loda ? ;)

It's almost too easy.

33 Season:

Hey Dray!

I'll be in Sweden soon, around sweden rock probably. It's been a while, would be cool to grab a beer with the old hardcore dudes! But I have no idea where to contact you guys anymore.

Send me a mail! michael@season-of-mist.com



34 Victor S.:


My suggestion goes to MISERY!

Three little birds from Bob Marley for HIM! xaxaxax

When he gets angry and starts to flame... "don't worry , 'cause every little thing is goona be alright!" xaxaxaxaxaxa

35 Hautainn:

Morphling :)

36 Victor S.:

Or what about some song from eminem...

like "like toy soldiers" for a team on a loosing spree ?

or lose yourself for someone who plays potm, like her arrow was the 'chance' he mentions on his music

xaxaxa would be cool :D

Well those are my suggestion!

See ya !

37 hyppen:

Merlini the Ogre.

39 Pouya:

I think it should be kuroky your ex-team mate

40 Shanahan Yang:



obviously for Loda : D

41 JonyBot:

Hi there! I like the Led Zeppelin suggestion , but mine is "Around the World" by Daft Punk or "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses.

42 Cruise:

Gotta be one about Puppey

for the chorus, definitely talk/sing about his picks.

you pick strange bans and heroes so when you lose you have an excuse,

and when you win they call you a genius

something like that :D


i dont know enough songs to pick one, but i think you're definitely talented enough to find the perfect song for it

43 avathar:

vanilla twilight - owl city

for loda / icefrog

44 Anonym:


Song: Father and Son by Ronan Keating

About: MiSeRy-

46 Misiak:


i got another idea..its a song about you, who cant be farm bcause of ... (i consider a tribute to a ganker role, prolly Dendi, Mania, Miggel or anyone u think would fit the song)

the song is from The Script - The Man Who Cant Be Moved...

i was thinking sth like "The Man Who Can't Farm"

and the lyric sth like..

-The Man Who Cant Be Farm-

Going back to the lane where you first blood me,

Gonna camp in my own woods im not gonna move

Got some wards on your lane got your vision in my sight

saying if you gank me again, i can tell you where you are

some try to hand me TP, they just too late,

i'm not...feed.. i just get ganked a lot man..

i know it makes no sense, but what else can i do,

how can i farm when i always got gank from you..

and if one day you gank me and find that you're missing me

and your teammates starts to wonder where on this map i can be,

thinking maybe you'll come back here to the lane that you gank me

and you'd see me waiting for you on the the corner of the tower

so am not farming

im not farming...

here's the link for the song



47 Ajunoo:

Icefrog WOULD be cool. Ever since I saw Shrek 3 I think of "live and let die" for frogs...

48 Blewdigejewn:

Misiak, AWESOME text. with some fixes it would be great. :) <3

49 Misiak:

lol ty Blewdigejewn!

hmm think i'll let Papa-D fix it :D

50 DemoniC:

Hi again papadray, seeing some of the new suggestions.. I think you won't pick mine >.< so I've got another one for you: Boulevard of Broken Dreams,this is a song for Loda(or any other DotA player who've been in this situation) about the ppl who call themselves "fans" but next day flame you and call you worst team in the world.

If you can get your mind on a DotA player who actually quit because of the fans, you can also pick him, but this is the closest I could remember: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/news/11011-loda-chinese-dota-has-honour (the quote about fans)

51 raIden:


At first I didn't think much of the lyrics. Then I saw the link(youtube) and it rocks man...simply rocks.

I don't have enough thumbs(and fingers :P) to give you as many thumbs up as I want to.

P.S. If Papa doesn't choose you maybe someone else can act on it? I would love to hear that song. :D

52 raIden:


"and if one day you gank me and find that you're missing me

and your teammates starts to wonder where on this map i can be,

thinking maybe you'll come back here to the lane that you gank me

and you'd see me waiting for you on the the corner of the tower"

Too awesome. I can't get the song out of my head.

53 Misiak:

lol raIden..ty man..hahaha..y i actually kinda hope someone would make a song like that..it doesnt have to be exactly like my lyric though..

54 Misiak:

syndereN says Dray you cant stay here

i said theres someone im waiting for if its *a day, a month, a year

gotta stand my lane even if it ganked or not

if he change his mind this is the first lane he will gank


People talk about the guy

who's waiting to farm


there are no ward in his lane

but a big gank is coming


and maybe i'll get famous as a man who can't farm

and maybe you won't mean to but you'll see me on map

and you'll come to gank me

coz you know i'll just feed

im the man who cant farm...

im the man who cant farm...

that's the rest of the lyric..for the words with (*), im not really sure what to change so i just put the same like the original..

55 Painkiller!:

definitely Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

maybe IceFrog or hexor

56 asdf:

Akon - I wanna love you

to misery

57 MotherFukerrr:

Song: Road trippin' Red hot chili peppers.



Road trippin’ with my four favorite allies

Fully loaded we got tangos and supplies

It’s time to farm and gank

It’s time to kill and win

Let’s go get throne

and own those Asians..

Let’s go MYM lost

and pokeridols lost

Ftz asia owns

and kuroky wants to farm

Mushi’s owning with the morphling

EHOME lost vs AEON

Just good luck to AEON

what happened with you EHOMEEE??

Those asian eyes are playing serious for

So much as come before those battles lost and


Soso plays visage and win but then just lost…

Now let us check out PMS

those girls are too damn hot

FTD shows a kunkka with lothar

every game that play

but they won!

I lost a bet ftd won…..

where the fuck is aeoooon ???

These Smiling eyes are cuz kuroky lost…

Well next tourney I’ll copy asian style and own!

Boring game but it seems like this shit works…

Now I’ll get serious now

Maelk will own to team OK

yes sir, they won

AND JUST MYM celebrates!!!

It was a joke it was a joke =)…

To all my fans

I hope you like it and enjoy

I love you Asians but

hate 3 carriers

But I’ll give to you this song

This is not a feeder song

Such a shame that MYM looooooooooost!!

Those asian eyes are playing serious for

These Smiling eyes are cuz kuroky lost…

how can a kunkka uses lothar and own?...

Hope you like it ;) greetings from Venezuela... gl!

58 RestlessFinger:


In Tune of Poker Face Acoustic Version by Daughtry


and this one should be sing for " VIGOSS"

sample chorus:

can't read map, can't read map

when its vigoss ganking phase

(he ganks us, everybody)

can't read map, can't read map

when it's ganking phase

(he ganks us, everybody)


59 RestlessFinger:


In Tune of Poker Face Acoustic Version by Daughtry


and this one should be sing for " VIGOSS"

sample chorus:

can't read map, can't read map

when it's vigoss ganking phase

(he ganks us, everybody)

can't read map, can't read map

when it's vigoss ganking phase

(he ganks us, everybody)


60 JrMn:

Song would be for XoYnoZnU,

song name: Jason Mraz - Im yours

About his epic fail when playing pugna :D

61 glow gothic:


both insane carry rolers

62 Anonym:


Title : Pick of Destiny

shoutout : "GLOW GOTHIC & his student METAL"

i will send you the chorus via E-mail to make it a surprise for the listeners ^_^

63 explode_has_dpv:

Tribute to icefrog, he rocks! :p

64 AcrosSs:

i suggest a tribute to demon's earthshaker, that would be nice,

and the song will be "The Cramps - Fissure of Rolando"

and the title "fissure of demon's es"

65 PinoyDota:

May you please make a song about Mineski players.

66 peacekeeper:

Something about kuroky and his ganging play-style

67 stojdgen:

ahahah kotte´s :D lol'd!! love that song!

68 Ruthless-ST:

I think you can tribute icefrog as well :D

69 Gold:

about: VIGOSS

name : your choice

70 luffarn:

hylla de gamla goda dagarna i sk med loda och gänget ofc:)

71 JonhyBot:

go classic!! Ramble on!!!!!!!! Led Zepplin!!!!!!!X)

72 JonhyBot:

oh! and Drayich! you´re such a bitch! but i love you man!X)

hej :) bra blogg (Y)

hur e det med dig idag ?

74 BulleR:

Make a tribute to the trolls


Trolling trolling trolling

75 henkepro:



76 henkepro:

just tell the world how pro i am!

77 AcrosSs:

hey dray, when u will release ur next tribute?

78 dasWisl:

What about a version of "If i just lay here" renamed into "If i just lane here".

show those afk-farming dudes, that they´re loved somehow :)

in 5 min. suggested lyrics:

If I just lane here

We'll farm it all


On our own

We don't need


Or anyone

If I lane here

If I just lane here

Would you lane with me and just forget the match?

I don't quite know

How to gank

or how to roam

Those two lanes

Are ganked too good

They're not enough

If I lane here

If I just lane here

Would you lane with me and just forget the match?

Forget what we're told

Before we get to gold

Show me a carry that owns without farm

Let's waste time

Chasing creeps

Around our heads

I need your voice

To remind me,

To find my team

If I lane here

If I just lane here

Would you lane with me and just forget the match?

Forget what we're told before we get too gold

Show me a carry that owns without farm

All that I am, all that I ever was

Is here in my perfect build, this is all I can see

I don't know where

Confused about how as well

Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lane here

If I just lane here

Would you lane with me and just forget the match?

79 darkspace:

1. I got the tower (I got the power)

2. Oops I crit' it again (Oops I did it again)

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