Theshit vs DTS

Replay availible at Garena there was a load.

Ill write more about the game when i get back, we did win tho! Hurray!

Okay, back here agian.

So the game vs DTS. We gathered around 11.00 to do some warmup play. Since everyone in the team, exept me?, sleeps tight on a saturday its necessary to warm up the fingers abit before starting=)

At twelve DTS came, however missing Jolie, Who never showed up in the end either since Lightofheaven played medusa instead, from China tho, leading to him having alot of delay and high ping.

Setup looked as follow:
Top Sven (Synderen) Lion (XoY) and Tidehunter (Smiske) vs their Rhasta (Goblin) and their Puck (Butcha).
Middle our Shdaowfiend (Baby) vs their Dusa (Lightofheaven)
Bottom was Warlock (Me) vs their Potm (Artstyle) and their Sandking (Dendi)

Summary. Top went really fine. We dominated this lane obviously. Sven farming good and getting some good kills.
Middle also a winning lane, i think delay mattered alot but i also think that Babys fiend would win that lane even if there was no delayissue.

Bottom i got raped. They pulled my wave with sandking and, i got fast lvl2, but after that it was downhill. Sandking came and firstblooded me at tower too. I was really worried about my leveling. Tidehunter came after a while to help me out, not instantly since we decided that owning top is just as key. I was really shaken, but the moment me and tide got six we could start setting up fights and getting fairly easy back into the game. Fiend and Sven didnt die the first 40minutes, and that ofcourse led em to get alot of good farm.
BKB on fiend, Meka on me, Blink on Sven just made us winning every teamfight. We didnt do any major misstakes either, just getting our things of. in one fight in the midlane i tanked a potmarrow, thought i would be able to survive with meka + heal but died before getting golem off. Still that fight ended 3x1 for us.

I think the throne fell before 50mins mark, and i have to be hounest it felt like we had the upperhand from start to goal, even if my bottomlane got raped badly and this also effected the tidehunters leveling, who had to come down to support me.

Now we can start focusing on the second game, i dont know what enemys we will get. Looking forward to it tho.
Was a really nice feeling getting nervous and emotionally effected by a game again, it was many many months since i did play competetive last time.

http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/replays/26917 - Replay, Lanes and such.

Dont forget Quakenet channel #theshit! and while your here you might aswell leave a comment!

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gratz to victory!

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