Tonight versus MYM

The finals of EDC, best of 5. Starting 18.00

My thoughts about the game is simple; This is a major final and we really wanna win this game.
We played versus MYM last time a long time ago, they picked their chenpushstrat and when we were so afraid of it to happen again we got completely outpicked game two.

I wasnt really satisfyed with those games, simply, we couldnt really win them even if we did play good. Tonight its five maps, getting outpicked 3 times in a row shouldnt be possible, and now we are much more prepared then before. 

MYM however seem to be looking much more stronger faster then i expected. Not that i underrate either Playmate or Lacoste, but i thought they would struggle more to get things running smooth, but i was wrong.

Anyways, tune in for shoutcasts @ tobi or invalidcola, watch the gg-stream, or hang around in #theshit! on quakenet to support us.

Ps. I would not be surprised if you ended up seeing some new strategies this evening.

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