Fanboyanalyziz on Replays

Gosugamers has alot of both Pridereplays, scrimreplays and clanwarreplays. There is tons of fanboyz analysing every replay, saying how the picks were and how we or other teams were playing. What the most people do forget is that scrims is one thing, pride is another thing and clanwar is a third thing.

We play alot of scrims in one week, we try different things and sometimes we loose games. Since it seems alot of people knows about our clan, the enemies gets really happy for winning and then a friend to them uploads the replay. Even in pridegames this can happen, i dont mind that at all. You can take team rC as an example. They def got happy for winning that game versus us, the second game we played vs them wasnt uploaded tho. I think we won with 30+ kills.
I dont mind simply since i think rC want to be knowned by the community. They wanna have their chance of looking like a strong team, but it requires more then winning against THESHIT! in a scrim or any other topteam. Scrims are always scrims!

Pridegames, i mean :) I dont give a flying fuck if i win or loose, i just want to play a fun game there. I think its pretty much the same with my teammates, even if we ofc try to win. We had someone doing a deep analyziz about us playing Terrorblade and Dragonknight. You guys really think it was our serious attempt to win that game? we won it tho.

Also take in consideration that there is so much more things happening in a game then you can see on the actual replay. You might find someone getting really stupidly caught from a gank. What you didnt know was that on vent it was said he was about to bait, and then we couldnt followup or likewise. These things you can never get the indepth in understanding when only watching a replay. And watching CS or KILLS is just as stupid too. Dota is a 5 man game, and in the end its only about winning the real games, nothing else. I wouldnt mind having 0-30 if my team wins. And this is my hounest feeling. Were not playing the games for the sake of the fanboys, even if we do appriciate having people liking our team.

And when one team is completely failing in a game, consider also the biggest part of the teamgame. The spirit.
This is something every team has to work on, i think in THESHIT we have a good spirit but even we have issues sometimes. It could come out of delay, or perhaps bad atmosphere. Even the enemys can give bad spirit from comments, disconnects or rageplugs! Spirit should'nt be an issue in a major game, but getting your nerves and attitude in the right place is so extremely important!

Hopefully you take these events more into consideration when you watch replays from us or any other team. And remember we loose tons of games every week, we try stuff. We should have the right to do that just like you should have the right to analyze and speak freely about our replays!
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Bra skrivet,bra sagt!

Klart att pride/scrims är till för att testa nya grejer,och ibland går det åt helvete, men matchen har inget värde i sig och det tror jag folk måste förstå.

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