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@PRIDE-LEAGUE Drayich has 0 wins, 13 losses, 697 experience Current losing streak: -13 [Hopeless]

Looking good yeah. Ive tried to get some ardm games and some cl games going in the Dota.pride channel. The result beeing basicly loosing every game. In dotapride2 i got some wins, some decent games but in dotapride 1 i havent recieved one single win just yet. I find it kinda amusing.
I mean even if the reason were that im the worst player in the world, you can get a win. Maybe you get carried or the enemys drops or whatever. No. Not even close. Had 3 games winnable, but then we had a dropper. Rest of the games where pretty much unwinnable from minute 10 and forward.

So challenge. If i go on to 0-20 i will never again play dota.pride! I promise!

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