Cleaning up

first off i gotta tell you about yesterday, at 00:00 or so i was about to get my last game ending for the day. my daughter woke up so i asked for a pause to go upstairs and put the pacifyer. What happens? I step on my powerchord and computer completely dies. I was host too.

If anyone would have done that, and afterwards told me i would say that they are liars. So i dont blame anyone for not beliving me, it was the truth tho!

Today im home with my kids, wife working. I love beeing with my kids, my daughter now officially says DADDY too. And im just so inlove with her.
Anyways now they are on the floor playing with some stuff, and im gonna try to get this old computer working properly as im watching them play. Startupinspector, Virusprogram, Anti-spyware program and alot of uninstalls. The computer itself isnt even halfbad, but it behaves asif its a 10 year old one. Especially now when i got my new internetconnection (100/100mbits) i want it to run more smoothly.

Im even considering Defragging the harddrive, i really dont think it would change alot of the outcome but still. Today i have loads of time.
Anyways i would like to thank everyone for watching the blog, there was tons of viewers here yesterday, only one did leave a comment tho! I appriciate comments!

Lave and Mila busy playing:-)

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