Welcome Blewd to OK!

Having so much leagues and stuff to schedule, also beeing able to see whos online, who can play this and that date etc, we decided to get ourself a manager.
We didnt want to have just anyone, since its so important that the manager fits into the setup and that we can bring him into the teamspirit!

We found our new love. So welcome blewdigejewn, knowned as OK|blewd on irc to our team.

Hes name is Mats and hes gonna be solving our schedule from now on. If you guys have any questions about our team or our schedule feel free to pm him in irc.

Here's a picture of our new hottie!

blewdigejewn // OK|blewd 1
blewdigejewn // OK|blewd 2
blewdigejewn // OK|blewd 3
1 Sav:

I see his first assignment was to MAKE DINNER!

2 Blewd:

I actually made both DOLLAR and DINNER during my first week.

Hej. :)

Allt bra? :)

Jag har tävling på min blogg om en tjejparfym och en killparfym!

Var med du med? :D

My brother-in-law had reached across the aisle and punched me in the leg. He'd been trying to get my attention for a while.