The team!


Normally i blog about IRL stuff. But i added this blog to my collection aswell. I was thinking to write some stuff in english too, since i have to practice that!

So, the team. Lets go

I made 1 picture outta all of them. No pictures on me still. I dont wanna overshine them just yet. So how is it working for us?
Are we yet another team that will rise and fail during 1 week? I dont think so, however who would think so.
These guys are wellmannered, not so much of crybabies and perhaps together we even have some potential.
I dont know how we could rate us now, on a bad day top 12 Ulan-Bator, and on a good day we're really good.
Time will tell i guess, and f4f upcoming now versus DTS. I cant say if its badluck to get a enemy like DTS, im not THAT into the scene yet, and i still think people are not completely familiar with the version yet. However i always had alot of respect for DTS and their players, even if some of them might seem to lack moral or manners they are decent guys all of them.

The game versus DTS will be played Saturday 12.00 CET. I suggest you atleast follow it. Dont judge us for loosing, or overrate us for winning. Just give us a shot of doing a good game.